You see it everywhere. Sponsored posts. Affiliate links. “Influencer” marketing. 20-somethings playing with house money, but no true skillset beyond whipping Instagram followers into a frenzy.

This is a space dedicated to real ways of living. From the doldrum of 9 to 5 careers to the excitement of the weekend in the Phoenix, AZ-area and beyond. Flaws. Reality. Choices. Failure and growth.

We’ve lived in Arizona our whole lives. We’ve been married for a year; together for almost five. Undergrad at ASU. Grad school at USC, with another piece of paper in the works. First date at Lux. Lost $5-dollar martini nights at Hanny’s before downtown’s empty lots were built into high rise condominiums overnight. Cigarettes on Roosevelt on the Avenue-side of Central. A lot has changed in Phoenix, a lot of it for the better, a decent amount for the worse, while most of it stays the same.

We work pretty normal-ass jobs during the week — but you have to make some scratch to pay the rent, go out, make bad decisions, and to let the brain rebuild itself to swear it all off until the next weekend.

If this site strikes a chord with you, we hope it’s because we share common roots in reality. It’s true that it’s easier to destroy than to build, but perhaps in accepting this we’re getting somewhere.

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