It’s nights like tonight that make me think about how far we’ve come. Thinking back to that Monday evening in 2013 when I had nothing to lose from the random blind date that I was being set up on, and Randsom apprehensively spent the last of his money buying my coffee; he wasn’t sure if he would have enough gas to make it home. We sit in Lux Central now as I type – the very spot where Randsom would later propose. We walked here from our home – a luxury that not many have in the sprawling city that is Phoenix. But here we are!

To be honest, we chose the Pavilions on Central largely for sentimental reasons as we could pop next door and get a cocktail or coffee from our favorite spot at the drop of a hat. It’s also close to Postino, Federal Pizza (a review on them to come – because they fucking rock) and Joyride at Camelback Road and Central. Pavilions on Central has units set up like townhouses which pays off for not having to listen to your neighbor’s shitty electronic music coming through the walls. And although we’re quickly outgrowing our space here, it’s been fun.

Add More Oxygen

One of the first things that we insisted on decorating with were plants. We have 11 indoor plants – RIP to 3 when we were still amateurs. Among the easiest to not kill? Philodendron win that category. For anyone who wants to add some life to their place I would recommend this plant first. They’re beautiful and full – they can grow with little or a lot of light, and they continue to cascade the longer you have them, so they’re great to hang like we have in our dining area. Snake plants are also fantastic – or their more affectionately known name: Mother-in-Law Tongue. We have ours sitting on the bar cart. The advice that I would give with this plant? Neglect it. No, seriously it’s very adamant that it doesn’t need to rely on you.

Our favorite is the lily. They can be pricey for high quality ones but they’re well worth it. These babies are statement pieces as they can be large in size and they bloom beautiful white flowers. I feel fancy with ours because it’s one of the plants that you can clean the leaves if you want to be really extra. They can certainly be finicky and will droop when they’re thirsty, but perk right back up upon watering.

Studies have shown that having houseplants can improve health and help with mood which I fully agree with. It adds life to a dull space and you get the benefits of taking care of something and watching it flourish. It’s also fun to get the half-dead ones that no one wants and bring them back to life. Once you’ve mastered the plant it’s time for the rescue dog.

The Pavilions on Central - Living Room

The Pavilions on Central

The Vintage Touch

I may not dress in full vintage anymore, but the style will never leave me. I’m not sure that Randsom will ever fully understand but there are pieces that I refuse to part with. My refurbished mid-century recliner, for example, is one that he’ll have to pry from my cold, dead hands, along with our gold bar cart and the matching alabaster lamps stored in our closet (for now). Other pieces are recreations of the by-gone eras like the emerald green chairs at our dining table that my mom and I found at Ross for $39.99 a chair. We actually found two chairs and searched about 5 or 6 more stores in the valley before finding the others – there’s no stopping us sometimes.

If it were just me, I’d have a lot more vintage. Randsom would have sleek, modern, minimalist furnishings. So, I think mid-century modern is the perfect halfway point. Marriage is about compromise right? You can still see variation in our home which I appreciate. For example, we have the Casablanca movie poster perched above our couch along with Pulp Fiction. “Of all the pawn shops in all of Los Angeles, Butch walks into mine.”

The Pavilions on Central Midtown Phoenix, AZ

Too Close for Comfort

As I mentioned, we’re quickly outgrowing our space. We probably were after the wedding – it was no small feat to strategically find room for all of the new dish ware and pot ware in our tiny kitchen. I’ve also smacked my elbow one too many times on the bathroom corner (I’m now yelling at inanimate objects). We dream about a home. About having space and storage, and a room for Randsom to write. We’re already thinking about furniture options and renovations.

As much as we talk about the future, we also talk about not wishing away our present. We’re happy in Central Phoenix. We’ve created memories in our apartment that one day we’ll look back on fondly. So, right now as I sit across from him at Lux I’ll take it in and go home with him soon to watch a Coen Brothers original.

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