“She Gets Out of Bed, Puts On the Heels. She Goes Into the Bathroom, I Hear the Water Go On…She Comes Out of the Bathroom Dripping Wet and She’s Still Got the Heels On.”

There’s a good chance that the first shoes I ever put on as a little girl were heels. We live in a world where “dressing up” might still involve flip-flops (or at least here on the West Coast). However, Randsom and I always risk being overdressed to an event, because really, life is too short to not make the most out of dressing like you’re too good for everyone in the room.

This doesn’t have to involve breaking the bank. I grew up hunting through Goodwill, Savers, Buffalo Exchange, multiple consignment stores in the Valley and vintage shops. I share in my mother and my grandmother’s opinion of, “what’s the fun in picking up something right in front of you? It’s more exciting to dig to find those 1940s Oxford’s at the bottom of the bin.”

For those of you out there that share in the cliche “thrill of the hunt” mentality, here are a few recent treasures that I came across to get you excited for your next excursion.

The Donald Pliner Steel-Toe

Simple. Feminine, with an edge. The perfect way to describe most of my favorite things in the closet. Like most Donald Pliner shoes, they slip onto your foot like they’re supposed to be there. On a whim, I went to Flo’s on 7th consignment store, a favorite of my mother’s. As a bonus, 100% of their net proceeds support programs for at-risk youth. These stilettos were $29.99 and with Flo’s frequent specials, I purchased a $5.00 hot pink tote (proceeds went to a local charity that supports women in business) to get lifetime 20% off all of their shoes.

I’ve worn them once for our 1 year wedding anniversary dinner with a BCBG wrap dress.

The Steve Madden Leopard Ankle Strap Pumps

Those who say that animal print on women is cheap are probably scared of it. It’s bold – don’t get me wrong. But it’s bold in the best way. It’s a timeless addition to an otherwise minimalist wardrobe. Animal print, especially leopard and cheetah, go with more than you may think. I’ve paired these Steve Madden’s with black, nude, white, red, gold and even jewel tones like emerald green. The tried-and-true, Buffalo Exchange in Central Phoenix blessed me with this hardly-worn pair of beauties for $49.99.

The pumps are surprisingly easy to walk in for the more experienced ladies (or gentlemen). I remember wearing heels to my senior prom that were higher than this and I cringe at the thought of how I must have looked trying to walk around in them for 3 hours. All for the sake of the photos, am I right?

The Alexander McQueen

What can I say? My first pair of house-name designer shoes. I’ve always respected the British fashion designer for pushing against the stereotypical “high fashion” protocol. In typical British style, Alexander McQueen always embraces the best of a punk rock influence in their pieces. Who can forget the high drama Lady Gaga collaborations?

These shoes are out of this world in the sense that they’re obviously awesome but they also remind me of the off-white interior walls of the Millenium Falcon in the best way. I imagine they feel similar to the touch as well.

I purchased these at To Be Continued… a high-end consignment store in Scottsdale. They only accept the best. For example: Chanel, Tom Ford, Valentino, you get the idea. I went in there innocently enough, mostly to get inspiration but came out with these for $100. They are slightly worn, however I tend to be optimistic with secondhand fashion to say that someone else broke them in for me so that I could enjoy them immediately. Needless to say I can boast along with the richest of them, at a fraction of the price.

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