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When I was looking for a Mustang, configuring new models online at ford.com and searching through the wastes of craigslist, TrueCar, CarMax, even local dealer inventory, one feature that I really liked was the blackout look of the black appearance package.

Seems like it’s pretty rare to see a S550 (15′-) Mustang in or around the Phoenix-area with the black appearance package on the street or online — and even more rare to see one up for sale. My thinking is when you equip it from the factory, you can’t also equip any of the performance packages that Ford offers on various trim levels. Don’t know why it’s this way, because it’s otherwise such a clean look.

So while you get black 19-inch wheels, chrome deletes on the satin black emblems if you drive the Coyote, as well as the painted black roof — you’re effectively stuck with a base-model mustang when it comes to performance.

How to DIY black-appearance-package your Mustang

If you do opt for the performance package, you get black multi-spoke 19’s. This is what I did just because I did want the performance hardware, but also because it was halfway there to having the look of the black appearance package anyway.

Black Appearance Package Mustang

Long story short, I PlastiDipped and sealed the emblems on mine before I went looking for a vinyl wrap shop near my work in Scottsdale.

After the usual Google-fu, decided on Echelon Autosports. Got a few quotes from shops close to the Scottsdale Airport, and while Echelon and another came in at the same $250, a few others wanted $400+. Which leads me to the whole point of this review…

It actually wasn’t a PITA

I’ve been writing about cars for a couple years now — long enough to catch onto the grift of service writers who overcharge you for shit or try to take advantage of people who they think don’t know what the fuck is up. I’ll just say I didn’t have any mental warning lights come on talking to the guys at EA. (Alright, I’ll stop.)

I was in and out when I took my car to their shop on my lunch — they were prompt and kept their word both on the pricing and timing. Not much more you can really ask for. What I appreciated more than anything was that I was probably the least-expensive job they had all week, but it didn’t feel like it. (Numerous Lambos, a matted-out G-Wagon when I came back for my car.) They listened to what I wanted, and my car came out looking great.

No telling how long a satin black vinyl-wrapped roof will last in the Phoenix heat, but for now I think it looks pretty fucking clean.

Disclaimer: this review was in no way solicited by Echelon Autosports, and I did not receive compensation of any kind — I just appreciated the quality of work they did and the way they seem to go about their business.

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